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Autism Therapy

Specialized Services

Our students come from different diagnoses: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delays, Speech-Language Delays & Disorders, Attention Deficits, Learning Disabilities, Down Syndrome, among others.

We understand that the complexities of each child's needs requires specialized services. Whether for individual classes or small group learning, we have these bases covered.

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Playing with Baby

Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Therapy aims to help individuals with communication difficulties such as unclear speech, stuttering, or delayed speech. Social interaction and play skills are also targeted to allow the child to maximise their interaction with their peers, teachers and the community at large. The main aim of Speech-Language Therapy is for holistic communication, in whatever form the child and family require for building meaningful relationships.

How does a Speech-Language Therapy Session look like? In your first visit, the Speech-Language Therapist will conduct an initial assessment to determine the child's needs. From there, therapy goals are formed to work alongside family members. 

Individual and social group therapy sessions are available.

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Special Education

Young children with special needs require unique teaching methods to pick up skills needed for school readiness which includes reading, writing, numeracy, self help skills and classroom behavior. Special Education aims to work on these areas to help build a child's academic ability.

In addition, some children with special needs attend inclusive primary schools but struggle to cope with their school syllabus. This is where our After-School programs can be helpful to lessen the gaps between the child and their peers.

Individual and group sessions are available.

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Classroom Programs

Small classroom settings for daily learning, which caters for 3 different age groups

Drawing & Coloring

Early Intervention Program (3-8 years old)

Teacher Helping Student

Intermediate Years Program (9-14 years old)

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Senior Years Program (15-21 years old)

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Piano classes

Individual piano class for children with special needs

Piano Lesson
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