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Senior Years Program

Ages 15-21 years old (Late Secondary-Vocational)

The Senior Years Program places greater emphasis on vocational work to prepare our Senior Learners for future employment.

The topics covered include functional numeracy, reading and writing related to vocational tasks so that students will be able to follow recipes, read rosters, do filing etc. They will also learn basic ICT skills such as printing, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. We emphasize the importance of community so our syllabus includes  opportunities for guided social interaction and teamwork. Vocational learning is of exploratory level (without certification) which includes baking, cooking, packing, cleaning, robotics, and art & craft.

Check out our Made By Special Hands page to see our Senior Students hard at work in their beloved projects.

Days: 5 days a week / 3 days a week

Time: 9.30am-3pm

Class size: 5 students per class

Fees: Please contact us for further information

Senior Years Program: Services
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